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Music Video for To Love A Girl

Music Video for To Love A Girl

About the band:

Fairview: soon to be legends, idols and icons. This band of teenagers grew up as best friends that hope to someday revolutionize the meaning of music.

This group of best friends started making music together during high school. Although they all attended different schools, they still found time to hang out and practice.

Members Matt (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Lizzy (Lead vocals) and Cesar (Lead guitar) all met at a Catholic elementary school called St. Joseph’s; thus creating their everlasting friendship. It wasn’t until high school that they met Becca (violinist), who always wanted to be in a band. But they needed a name!

The four friends would sit around the kitchen table with random books opening to random pages to find words to make up a name. Some of the things that came out of that experience were definitely memorable, but not band-name worthy.

Soon enough, they came up with the name Fairview. But it’s not just a name. There is a meaning that played into the choosing of the band name. Forever, the band members have been in love with the music of the Plain White T’s and they always wanted to meet the members of the band. Well, it just so happens that the Plain White T’s live in the same area that the members of Fairview are from. So one day, the four friends thought it would be awesome if they showed up at the lead singer’s house to meet him. They figured out that he lived on the street Fairview Ave.  Everyone was so hyped up with excitement that they were so afraid to go and knock on his door. eventually they got the courage and Matt rang the bell. But no one came. So the band walked back to the car which was parked down the street (Fairview).

It wasn’t until later that Matt and Cesar actually met the lead singer Tom. Matt was on his break at work when Cesar called him telling him that the lights were on in Tom’s house. So they raced over, and who should answer the door? Tom. It wasn’t until a few days later that the rest of the band was able to meet him, but going back and forth to Fairview Ave. seemed to have left an impression. So from then on, the band was called Fairview.

But something just wasn’t right without a drummer. Fairview was missing that rock n’ roll sound of their upbeat tunes. One night, they played a show at Fitz’s Spare Keys and ended up really bonding with the sound guy, Tim. Tim was the whole package; he could sing, play guitar, record, mix music, and so much more. But best of all, he could play drums. So, after a while, Tim joined, completing the five person band.

Now, Fairview thrives as an up and coming pop/rock band playing shows and practicing whenever possible. Each member is constantly thinking about the band and how they can improve as a whole, while still maintaining their everyday lives.

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